Sell Razor Barbed Wire Machine

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The factory produce different sizes of razor barbed wire.
Output of 24 hours: 500kgs.
It is equipped with cutters of 5 different shapes.
Razor barbed wire coil diameter: 450mm; 500mm; 700mm; 960mm.
Razor barbed wire material: Galvanized wire and stainless steel wire.
A1 Thickness:0.5mm
Wire Dia. :2.5mm
Barb Length:10mm
Barb Width:13mm
Barb Spacing:26mm
A2 Thickness:0.5mm
Wire Dia. :2.5mm
Barb Length:20mm
Barb Width:15mm
Barb Spacing:33mm

A3 Thickness:0.5mm
Wire Dia. :2.5mm
Barb Length:15mm
Barb Width:15mm
Barb Spacing:33mm

A4 Thickness:0.5mm
Wire Dia. :2.5mm
Barb Length:22mm
Barb Width:16mm
Barb Spacing:36mm

A5 Thickness:0.6mm
Wire Dia. :2.5mm
Barb Length:60mm
Barb Width:22mm
Barb Spacing: 102mm

Coil Dia. (mm) 500 700 960 450
Number of Circles 56 72 52 33
Standard Covered Length (m) 8-9 11-13 8-10 8
Maximal Covered Length 12 15 13 12