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Therapeutic Instant Heat Packs. These Heat Packs are based on the science of super cooled liquids, yet have perfectly harmless contents.

The Heat Packs are:
Reusable again and again and again
Recharged in minutes
Non toxic - food grade salt and water (sodium acetate)
No noxious vapours or inflammable liquids
Hygienic, in a tough vinyl easy clean pouch
Instant heat, anytime, anywhere
No external heating required to activate, reaches working heat in seconds
Compact for easy carriage and storage
Reaches 54 degrees C

Large pads for more acute and longer term pains and conditions where the application of heat gives a great deal of ease and comfort

Very inexpensive, with varied uses and reusability
Discreet so no-one need know youre using one!
Safe for all including children, the elderly and the infirm, always taking care as with any heat product
Practical science, actually happening in your hands
Can even be used as a cold compress . . .
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245 x 135mm
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