Sell Reactive Dyes Printing Synthetic Thickener FS-80

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Thickening agent FS-80 is used for reactive dyes printing with result of high brilliance and high permeability, particularly for extra fine pattern bunting/drapery.

Paste easily made and good desizing property.
High permeability, good uniform color yield while large square printing.
Outline articulation, no clogging of screen, color yield and brightness are obviously higher than sodium alginate.
For both flat and rotary screen printing.

Technical indicators:
Appearance yellow thick liquid.
pH value 710.5
Ionic anionic

Using method:
1. White paste preparation
FS-80 5
Urea 5
Resist S 1 Soda 2.5
Water up to 100
2. Color past preparation
White paste 70-80
Reactive dyes X
Water 20
Grand total 100
Amount of thickening agent and addition agent may be adjusted according to actual condition.

Ecological data:
It is a non-toxicity, non-pollution, and environmental product. General chemicals operations should be obeyed while storing, transporting, and using.

Package and storage:
Be packed in plastic casks of 50kg with well-closed package of plastic bag inside. This products should be kept in shady, cool and dry places, with temperature above 00. It should be used up within six months. Appearance will become much thicker when temperature getting lower, but no effect on quality.

The above information is approved. Due to the different technology applied in different mill, the customers should make sure to take the right processing before using them.