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We design and produce dry type iron core tuned and untuned filter reactor and other various reactors. Using high quality low looses silicon sheet and arranged non-bobbin coil winding, vacuum pressure impregnating process and solidify baking process to achieve insulation class F or H. It is applied in low voltage reactive power compensation and active or passive harmonic filter combined with condenser in cabinets to achieve compensation reactive power and harmonic filter in network.

1. Untuned filter reactor
Used to eliminate the harmonic distorted in network in various capacities (kVar) at different inductive reactance percentage.

Inductive reactance percentage P/% 5.5 6 7 12.5 14
Frequency Fr/Hz 214 204 189 141 134

2. Tuned filter reactors
Used to eliminate the harmonic distorted in network in various capacities at different harmonic frequency 3rd,5th,7th,11th,14th specified as required.
3. Smoothing reactors (D. C. choke)
Used in rectification circuits for smoothing ripple to lower ripple factor.
4. Current limiting reactors
Used to current limiting during A. C. motor start.
5. Balance reactor
Used to balance the current in parallel connection circuit

All the reactors can be made upon the requirements of users.
Specifications and Features:
Used for 400, 660 V systems.
Un-tuned harmonic filter reactor has the different inductive reactance percentage: 5.5%;12.5%.
Inductance value stable, wide linear properties. Satisfy to tuned harmonic filter for 3rd,5th,7th,11th or 13th .
Insulation: 3KV/min.
Temperature rise: Core<85K, Coil<95K
Reactors can be sound operated long life at harmonic current less than 1.35 times rated value.
Three phase reactor the inductance difference between any two phase less than15%.
Use non-magnetic material for bracket to prove high Q value and lower temperature rise.
 All the reactors can be made upon the requirments of users.
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