Sell Ready-To-Use Rechargeable Batteries

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Produced by highpower patent technology, Patent NO. : ZL2005 1 0034847.2
Gathers the advantages of general rechargeable battery and primary alkaline battery, It is always ready to use.
Lowest self-discharge: 90% power is kept after 6 months Storage, and 85% power is kept after 1 year Storage,
Extensively used anywhere for any electronic devices which use dry battery,
Widely working temperature: excellent charge and discharge performance from -20 0 to 700,
Outstanding performance: 4 times more photos can be taken after once charged than Primar battery,
Long life cycle: more than 1000 times of charging and discharging,
Great savings and more environment-friendly , a new generation of rechargeable batteries.
HFR Ready-To-Use product series
AA: 1500/2000/2100/2200
AAA: 750/800
C: 4000
D: 8000
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
600000 pcs per day
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number