Sell Real Coyote Fur Pelts Dressed - North American Washington State

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Real Fur Pelts From $16 for Chinchilla, for Textile Manufacturers of fur cuffs, fur collars, fur jackets, fur coats, fur blankets Fur Bedspreads, Fur Hats, Arts & Crafts, Fishing flies, teddy bears

Like Chinchilla, we have prices trangign from $12 on up These are prices for the finest quality , dressed pelts

These are single pelt prices , for quantity purchases there discounts may be available.

Finest North American Dressed Real Fur Whole Pelts

rabbit $ 5.00
badger $150.00
beaver small $ 60.00
beaver medium $ 90.00
beaver large $110.00
beaver xlarge $120.00
beaver black $150.00
beaver ntural plucked and sheared $140.00
beaver black or taupe dyed Plucked & Shearded beaver $180.00
bobcat Xlarge $200.00
coyote $150.00
Ermine $ 15.00
Fisher $150.00
Artic Fox Xlarge $120.00
Artic fox without paws and claws $100.00
Blue Fox XX Large $220.00
Blue Fox Large $180.00
Grey Fox $ 80.00
Red Fox $110.00
Dark Red Fox $110.00
Silver Fox $180.00
Cross Fox $120.00
Large Lynx $330.00
Lynx $270.00
Wild Mink Brown $ 60.00
Black Mink Ranch Raised $140.00
Muskrat $ 18.00
American Sable 21 inches $ 90.00
Sable Canadian 33 inches $150.00
Sable Russian35 inches $170.00
Raccoon Medium $ 50.00
Raccoon Large $ 70.00
skunk $ 40.00

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(red, silver,
blue, arctic, cross, gray) , coyote, beaver,
sheared beaver, lynx, red fox, arctic
timber wolf, wolverine, badger, raccoon, fisher, otter,


Thick cold weather pelts from The Yukon, The Arctic, The Northwest Territories, Canada, Alberta, British Columbia, Alaska, The Klondike, Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, British Columbia

Shipped world wide by air c. i. f. delivery 7 days
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According to type fur, quality, wild or farm
raised, dressed (tanned) or from
$2 per pelt up
Chinchiulla $16
Contact us for quotations

ALSO AVAILABLE: Fur hats, Fur Bedspreads, Fur Quilts,
Fur Comforters, Fur jackets, Fur Coats, Fur Vests
Fur Plates.

Wanted world wide:, Importers, distributors, wholesalers, retail stores , manufacturers representatives, agents

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