One Time Sell Real Estate project in America, need investors

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Attn: Real Estate Investor's

We are currently looking for a few investor's that would like to learn a little bit more about our project. In simple terms, we purchase old warehouse's, and out of date buildings in major citie's, downtown. We then bring them up to date, with minimal preparation's, and turn them into condo's for individual sale.

This is a great, fast return investment. We are currently seeking investor's for a building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA. The investment is ranging around 300-500,000$$ american money's. We are looking to turn this 2 story building into 11 condo's, which will range in price from approx. $124,000-$185,969 american money's. Investment return of around 110%-140% within one year. with possible residual payments monthly for one remainder year. For full details we can talk over the phone, or by email, or fax. please contact us today.