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superheterodyne high quality receive module with VHF/UHF. The module adopting LSI circuit with hi frequency and low noise which import from famous company of Europe. It has strong anti-static protection, high reliability and competitive price. Its widely used in remote garage door, auto-gates as retract type, brakes, GSM/GPS system, factory automatic, communication and security system etc.
Characteristic as follows:
(1) The sensibility is up to 105dbm; the receive distance is twice of others.
(2) It has reasonable receive band width, excellent ability of suppress coordinate frequency, strong anti-jamming, it can adapt to kinds of condition.
(3) It has excellent ability of suppress assemble or scatter radiation, easy pass kinds of instrument.
(4) Due to excellent shield , it can adapt kinds of installing environment, consistency is nicer.
(5) It has ability to restrain the radiation, can worked with several module (one transmiting module and several receiving module ) , and have no interference to each other, and dont influence the receiving distance.
(6) Adopting the SAW, the capability is immobile, and the temperature range is wide.
(7) Frequency range is 250450 MHz, easy to adjust.
(8) Use microprocessor directly link, transmit speed is up to 20kbps.
(9) Enhance the anti-jamming ability for the mobile telephone, improve decoding waveform.
(10) Frequency: 433 / 315MHz
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