Sell Recessed plate filter press

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Our company produces press filters of diversified specifications with the brand of Shuangjing (double whales) , which has been registered with the national trademark bureau. These filters can be operated manually, automatically or by hydraulic system. Some of them are of an integration of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems, others can be of separated ones. Our company also produces: press filters with membranes to raise the solids concentration of the filtering cakes, and press filters with cast-iron/cast-steel filtering plates. Our products sell well at home, and are exported to Southeast Asia and Africa, because our product is excellent in quality and after-sales services.

A. Filtering plates/frames are made of die-cast enforced polypropylene, having such advantages as relative size/chemical property stability, high strength, light in weight, acid/alkali resistant, non-toxicity, and no odor. All the surfaces coming in touch with the passing liquids are made of corrosion-resistant materials.
B. The filter stands made of high-strength steel components are safe, stable and durable.
C. Most of the filters have hydraulic mechanism to clamp/release the filtering plates with the max clamping force of 40Mpa, maintained by electrical controls.
D. The cabinet models have a max working pressure: 2.5Mpa, and the plate-frame models have a 1Mpa working pressure. You can choose the one that suits you best.
E. They are easy to control with reliability --- mostly by push-button, and possibly by touch-screen control. Safety devices can be added for special working conditions to ensure personal safety.
F. Hydraulic actuators and PLC control modules are built into the automatic models, which raises the control reliability, stability and safety.


A. According to the customer demand, we can add to the aut-
omatic press filters with filter plate moving device, filter
cloth hanging device, filter cloth self-washingdevice and
automatic liquid collecting device, etc.
B. If needing a relatively dry filter cake, you just select the press filter with membrane squeezer.
C. If needing a filter working under raised temperature, you may select the one with cast-iron/cast steel filtering plates
(filtering frame) .
D. If you need a filter with raised washing/squeezing pressure, we can provide you with special solutions.
E. The parameters and appearance for our equipment are sub- ject to changes without further notice.
F. For more details, just contact us, and we will give you a sincere reply!

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