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. Two voice directories and one music directory with each directory capable of storing up to 255 pieces of messages
. With functions of selections playing randomly, sequence music playing, playing pause, sections deleting, all deleting and sections recording
. Connecting with DVD, VCD, CD or MP3 player to perform the inside line-in recording
. Super high speed to upload and download files by real USB 1.1 interface, 1 second only to download one 700KB voice file
. USB Mass Storage Device, no drivers needed for Windows ME/2000/XP
. Able to replay the MP3 or WMA files download to mp3-cdirectory directly Able to send the sound files you have recorded by E-MAIL after they have been uploaded to your computers
. Able to record very week or very strong sound source build-in ALC recording circuit
. Nine-grade volume adjustment
. Two recording quality selection
. Time and alarm timer
. Recording time Remaining recording time traceable
. Recording time (day/hour/minute) can be displayed
. With sockets for voice input/output
. Battery low alarming
. Built-in high quality meter (Microphone)
. Other fittings being offered additionally
. LED displays while recording
. Telephone Conversation Recording Available
. Fast forward & fast backward function except for WMA files
. Mp3 music player
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