Sell Recycled / Remanufactured Ink & Toner Cartridges

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We always have our staffs abroad to collect those 1st life cycle used cartridge & toner back to China. After having carefully selected those non damaged & no flaw one as products to our clients, the residual is sold to the other producers here in China. Using the same cleaning & refilling equipment as those original manufacturers have to high pressure clean & refill water proved ink & powder 95% to 98% the same as the original into those selected empty cartridge & toner as recycled, renewed, remarked & OEM cartridge & toner to our clients. As of the high tech quality products that we made, we do not have any comliant & return till now from our clients in Japan, Europe, Canada & USA.
Minimum Order Quantity
3000 units
Terms of Payment
T/T or irrecovable L/C
Terms of Sale