Sell Red Cabbage Color

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Red cabbage color is obtained from leaves of red cabbage by extracting and refining. Its main components are anthocyanins and flavone, the same as anthocyanins in grape, strawberry and perila

Application: Natural pigment used in food industry, widely used in acidic foods like beverage, jams, ice creams, confections, bean paste, and fruit wine.

Characteristic: Soluble in water and ethanol, insoluble in oils, show visible purple red under PH3.0. The color turns blue as the PH value increases. Good stability under heat, light and oxygen.

Quality Index:

1. Appearance: purple red liquid or powder
2. Color value: E10%1cm, PH 3.0, 530nm: 100-500
3. PH value: 2.8-3.0
4. Arsenic: <2.0ppm
5. Lead: <3.0ppm
6. Pathogenic bacteria: absent
Package:Liquid: packed in food grade polythene drums, 20kg/drumPowder: 5kg/bag, 10kg/carton

Storage: Protect from light and heat. Store in cool, dry, airproof and non-pollution conditions.