Sell Red Deer/Venison Smoked Ham

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We are pleased to offer you Red Deer Smoked Ham. Red Deers are from farming, but grown up in the wild under veterinary control and with the supply of required feeding to build a strong and lean carcass. When one year old they are slaughtered with stunning in compliance with all animal welfare EU Norms and the result is a meat with a splendid taste and a low PH. Hams can be delivered whole or sliced, the choice is yours.

Besides, that product we can offer you all sorts of Red Deer /Venison cuts al year round and if you require the product to be halal, we can also do it.

Our company also provides Wild Boar, Red Deer/Venison, Hare, Red Partridge, Muflon and Wild Rabbits, from Hunting, having passed all necessary tests.

Quails, Partrisge and Coquelet/Poussin also available. Private labels possible.
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