Sell Red Kojic Rice Powder

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Red Kojic Rice Powder
Raw Material: High quality rice.
Appearance: Purple red water soluble liquid or solid powder.
Processing: It is refined through fermentation and grinding of selected rice.
Description: It is a kind of water soluble liquid or solid powder with good color and mobility. It is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant. It is qualified for the international standard of FAO/WHO and GB4926-85.
Application: It can be widely used in preserved bean curd, pepper sauce, meat paste, barbecue paste, flavoring paste, meat products, ham, sausage, fried meat, chicken wings, roasted chicken and duck, fried meat, canned fish and meat etc.
Packaging: 25KG/bag (food grade) or according to the customers requests.
Preservation: Sealed, shadow, cool.