Sell Red Lead(Pb3O4)

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The Red Lead used in electronic and battery industry
Chemical Formular:Pb3O4
Character:Red, heavy powder, Poison!Indissoluble in
water and acohol.
Content of lead superoxide(PbO2) >=33.9%
Content of lead tetroxide(Pb3O4) >=97%
Unsoluble in nitric acid <=0.1%
Erapoyate substance 1500C <=0.2%
Remains on sieve(38.5&micro; m) <=0.75%

Content of iron sesquioxide(Fe2O3) <=0.002%
Content of copper oxide(CuO) <=0.001%
(Bi) <=0.003%

Application: 1, it is the impoprtant material of
active matter of positive plate
2, piezoelectric ceramic
3, lead glass industry, such as crystal
Packing: Packed in plastic film bag with plastic woven
bag as it's outer packing, net weight 25 kg each or
other package accor ding to the requirements of the
Storage and Transportation: This product should be
stored in dry warehouse. Strictly keep away from
moisture. Keep away from acid during stroge and
Explanation:Special specification can be manufactured
and packed according to the customer's demand.