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The laser has import laser diode, small body and clear beam. The fan angle and line degree is high. We can offer red Line Laser Module with focus adjustable or fixed. Customer also can adjust the focus according various requirements.
Output wavelength: 635nm 650nm 660nm
Output power: 635nm 0.5~30mw
650nm 0.5~200mw
660nm 0.5~300mw
Operating voltage: 2.7~24V DC
Operating current: <=450mA
Beam divergence: 0.1~1.5mrad
Fan angle: 10 :~135:
Beam diameter: <=0.5mm @0.5m; <=1.0mm @3.0m; <=1.5mm @6.0m
Line degree: <=1.0mm @6.0m
Optics: coated glass lens or plastic lens
Size: 8W25mm;9W35mm;11W37mm;12W40mm;16W55mm;16W65mm;16W80mm;22W85mm;26W110mm (made as requirements)
Operating temperature: -100~750
Storage temperature: -400~850
Laser classification: IIIb
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