Sell Red Sweet Potato Color

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Red sweet potato color is obtained from red sweet potatoes introduced from Japan by extracting and refining. Its main components are anthocyanins, almost the same as extracted grape pigments.

Application:Mainly used in coloring beverage, fruit wine, jams and ice creams.

Characteristic: Soluble in water and Ethanol, insoluble in oils. It is fresh ruby red under PH3.0, and turns into purple red at PH6.0. Unstable under alkali, good stability under light, heat, acid and oxygen, especially good antioxidant ability.

Quality Index:

1. Appearance: dark red liquid or powder
2. Color value E10%1cm, PH3.0, 526nm: 100-400
3. PH value:2.8-3.0
4. Arsenic: <2.0 mg/kg
5. Lead:?<3.0 mg/kg
6. Total bacteria: <1000 per gram
7. Pathogenic bacteria: absent
Package:Liquid : packed in polythene drums, 20kg/drum; Powder: packed in bags, 5kg/bag, 10kg/carton

Storage:Protect from light and heat. Store in cool, dry, airproof and non-pollution condition.