Sell Red Wine D. O. Jumilla (Spain) Carchelo 2004

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Red Wine D. O. Jumilla (Spain) Carchelo 2004
Brand name: Carchelo 2004
Ageing: Joven
Vintage: 2004
Type of wine: Red.
Designation of Origin: Jumilla.
Grape varieties: Tempranillo, Monastrell, Merlot
Container: Bottle 75 Cl
Packaging: Cardboard box / 6 x 75 Cl / 12 x 75 Cl
Alcohol volume: 13.50
Tasting notes: Intense, bright cherry colour, with a violet edge showing its youth. Powerful aromas, clean and laden with ripe fruit and notes of dry earth. In the mouth it is smooth and dry. The fruit is repeated in a pleasant combination of sweetness and dry tannins.

Incoterm: EXW JUMILLA (Murcia)
Term of delivery: 10 days
Method of payment: To be negotiated
Minimum order: 50 boxes

Company details: The winery of Agapito Rico is a small building located in the mountains known as Paraje del Carche, in the countryside and set aside from the urban area of Jumilla, where the areas traditional wineries are situated.
The winery has 750 French oak barrels and 60 American oak barrels. The wines are rotund, fleshy and capable of ageing slowly in the bottle. Wines with powerful tannins, sweet, fruity and mature, ideal for immediate consumption but they also evolve favourably in the bottle.
Brand names: Carchelo, Altico Syrah, Carchelo Tardo, Canalizo Crianza.
Brand Name
Minimum Order Quantity
600 units
Terms of Payment
To be negotiated
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