Sell Red Yeast Rice

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Our company focus on the manufacture of food additives and food ingredients, especially the series of monascus products, including the functional monascus red rice( red yeast rice) , red rice and monascus red pigments(red kojic rice) .
The functional monascus red rice( red yeast rice) is produced by the monascus purpureus with the cereals and water as raw materials in the solid-state fermentation. According to the results from hplc analysis, the monacolin k in the natural monascus red rice is mainly in the form of acid form monacolin k( or mevinolinic acid in the range of 60-85% ) , instead of the lactone form. The results demonstrated this product is truly made from fermentation process. Another characteristic feature of this product is that there is no citrinin. Ergosterol, unsaturated fatty acid, amino acids, y-gaba and active peptides are also found in this product, enduing this products more functional gradients and nutrients.