Sell Refined Deodorized Corn Oil

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Refined deodorized corn oil rossiyskie semena, bulk, PET 1, 0l. Package, PET 4, 8 l. Package
Ecologically pure product of class organic product.
Uniqueness of a factory consists in the perfect equipment and without the chemical "know-how" of oils allowing practically completely to remove from a product of substance harmful to an organism, keeping thus all useful properties and vitamins.
Fca railway station venev (226708) , Russia
Delivery to conditions daf border EU and FOB ports baltic and black sea is possible.
The price and the specification is sent by official inquiry.
Terms of payment: L/ C irrevocable, transferable, confirmed, documentary.
We can also produce vegetable oils under your private label.
Brand Name
rossiyskie semena
Terms of Payment