Sell Refined peach gum powder/ oil

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Refined peach gum powder is a sort of polyose natural gum secreted by peach trees. It can be used in pharmacy, protection of printing plates, core of color pencils, mini powder, ceramics appliqui, fire work, pigment, powder metallurgy, magnetic material cosmetics, food processing and the packaging of light industrial products, in which peach gum powder has turned out to be superior to Arabic gum in color and luster, viscosity, effect of thickening, suspending, film forming glazing, ect. And it is the only natural water-soluble gum as the substitute of Arabic gum. Also, it is being extensively used in such products as beverage, essence, fruit juice, beer, cake, bread, dairy products, chocolate and bubble gum. For it is natural emulsifier, thickener, suspending pharmaceutical, adhesive, glazing agent, stabilizer .