Sell Reflective Glass Bead for Road Marking

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We supply glass beads apply with almost all the international standard including
BS6088(A. B) , EN 1423/1424, AASHTOM247, EKorean Standard, AS/NZS 2009:2002 and National Standard etc. We also can produce glass bead with the customers special requirement.
Throughout the world, roads are much safer today due to the use of small, spherically shaped glass beads which are added to the freshly striped highway lines as they are applied. Only with glass beads the stripings become visible at night. This phenomenon is called retro reflection. JunFeng has been manufacturing highly retro reflective glass beads for almost many years now. Production processes and pure raw materials ensure that their glass micro spheres are very consistent with regard to their chemical and physical properties.

JunFeng provide the decisive plus for road safety. Because of the beads' retro reflective action, a vehicle's headlight beam is returned to the driver's eye, which results in a light-up effect of the striping. The micro spheres not only multiply the visibility of road markings at night, but also increase the striping's durability in general. Due to their superior retro reflectivity under wet night conditions, Their bead blends are particularly suited for technically more demanding road marking systems such as waterborne paints and sophisticated structured or profiled stripings of thermoplastic material.

JunFeng produces in line with all national and international standards. Their beads are used as drop-on agent or as premix bead for road markings. Coatings are according to international standards or customer requirements. It can affect water-resistant, alkali-resistant, heat resistant, solvent-resistant and acid-resistant excepting for hydrofluoric and concentrated sulphuric acid.

Technical Data of Glass Beads for Road safety
1. Size: 53-1180um (According to requirements)
2. Roundness: >80% (According to requirements)
3. Refractive index: >1.5
4. Gravity: 2.4-2.6
5. Coating type: According to international standards
6. Appearance: colorless, transparent, solid sphere, no visible bubbles and impurity.
7. Application: for road marking
8. Packings:
1) Size: 25kg plastic bag,1ton bag, big drum(According to requirements)
2) Pallet: According to customer's requirements