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Solar Control Coated Glass (reflective glass)

There are many colors of reflective glass available. It can be used monolic or laminated glass, or insulated glass. Reflective coated glass(solar control glass) is a new pyrolytic multilayer coating and energy efficient product producing by high tech glass coating line, which is used in tropic area and large scale glass building.

Feature of reflective glass(solar control glass) :
Besides having the radiation function, the reflective coating can selectively transmit the visible light. This coating has a clear color and a high transmission of the visible light (for single pane it is normally 40-60%) . Due to its low reflection of visible light, the light pollution is reduced to a minimum by reflective glass(solar control glass) . The product is durable, easily be tempered, heat bent and can be used as single pane.

Specification of reflective glass(solar glass) :
Thickness: 3mm-12mm
Maximum: 3048x5000mm
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