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We're a company specializing in metals & minerals. With our own factory we can produce below light burnt magnesia & dead burnt magnesia:

1 DBM( Dead Burnt Magnesia)
Specs: MgO: 89 - 95% SiO2: 2.2-5.0%max CaO: 1.6%max LIG: 0.3%max Bulk Density (G/CM3) : 3.1 - 3.2
Sizes: 0.5-90MM 200/180mesh

2. Light Burnt Magnesia
Specs: MGO: 65%Min. SIO2: 3.5%Max. CAO: 3.5%Max.
Al2O3: 0.5%Max. LOI: 30%Max.
Size : 40mm Briquette
Packing: 1Mtons Jumbo Bag
Usage: Used in Steel-making Factory to clear slag.
3. Fused Magnesia
Grade 98: MgO:98% SiO2:0.5% CaO:0.8%-1.0% Fe2O3:0.5%
Grade 97: MgO:97% SiO2:1.3% CaO:1.0% Fe2O3: 0.53%
Grade 96: MgO:96% SiO2:1.8% CaO: 1.0% Fe2O3: 0.63%
Size & Package: At buyer's option
Uses: used for making fused magnesia bricks in electric furnaces, refractory material, insulating material, etc.

If interested, do pls. contact for more details.