Sell Refractory bricks for metallurgy

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We are a professional refractory bricks trading Co. Our main products are as follows: clay brick, high-alumina brick, AZS brick for glass furnace, silicon brick, magnesia brick, Slide Gate plate and Tundish Impact Pad / Palate etc.

Refractory bricks for metallurgy

Clay Bricks
Chemical Compositions:
(Al2O3 42%) (SiO2 54%) (Fe2O3 1.5%)
Bulk Density: 2.0g/cm3
Apparent Porosity: 24%
Water Absorption: 14%
Cold Crushing Strength: 250 kg/cm3
Service Temperature: 1360 C
Refractoriness: 1750 C
Size: 230 x 114 x 76 mm
Shape: straight

High Alumina Bricks
Al2O3 75% max.
Refractoriness: 1790 C
Apparent Porosity: 23%
Normal Temperature Compressive Strength: 53.9Mpa
Linear Change on Reheating: +/-0.4 (1500 C)
Uses: used as internal liner in high temperature kiln, blast furnace, air-stove etc.

We can also supply other types or shapes of refractory bricks according customers request.
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