Sell Refried Red Beans

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The delicious refried red beans from La Bodega are prepared following the traditional recipe that gives this product a special flavor. Mashed, refried and appropriately seasoned with garlic, onion and salt, our beans truly reflect that popular taste and homemade style so beloved by Central Americans.
The beans that are used in the preparation of the La Bodega. refried beans are selected from the best Salvadoran red bean crops, giving the product an unparalleled flavor and a distinctive character.
La Bodega. refried beans come fully cooked and ready to be enjoyed by themselves, as a side ingredient for nachos, or as a filling for enchiladas, tortas, pupusas, etc. Just heat them up on a pan or in the microwave and they will be ready to serve!
Brand Name
La Bodega
Condition of Goods
canned goods
Terms of Sale
5.5 oz. cans