Sell Refrigerant (R12)

Refrigerant (R12)
Refrigerant R12

Property of chloride: Molecular weight 120.92
BP, -29.8
Ice point -
Critical temperature, 112.0
Critical pressure, Mpa 4.14
Density of saturated liquid30, (g/cm3)
Specific heat of liquid 30, [KJ/(Kg) ] 0.21
Specific heat of equipressure steam(Cp) , 30 and 101.3kPa[KJ/(Kg) ]015
ODP 0.82
Critical density, g/cm3
Vaporization heat under BP, KJ/Kg -

Packing secondary refrigerant250g, disposable steel cylinder30b/13.6kg, 50b/22.7kg, recyclable steel cylinder 450kg/400L, 900kg/800L, 1100kg/1000L, 1000kg/926L

Quality standard: Purity %>= 99.8
Moisture, PPm<= 0.0005
Acidity, PPm<= 0.00001
Residue on evaporation, PPm<= 0.01
Appearance colorless, no cloudy
Odor no smell
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