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HFC-134a now is internationally recognized as one of the main refrigerant working substances to substitute CFC-12. It does not contain the chlorine atom, give no bad effects against ozonosphere and have excellent safety performances, such as non-inflammability, non-explosive ability, non-toxicity, non-pungency, and non-corrosive ability. And it is a colorless gas under ordinary temperatures and a colorless & transparent liquid under the pressure of itself. As the substitute for CFC-12, it is often used in the refrigerating systems of auto air conditioners, commercial and industrial purposes, and as the vesicant, it is used to produce the heat-protective material made of rigid plastics, and also to prepare other mixed refrigerants, such as R404A & R407C.
HFC-134a automobiles air-conditioner system are obviously superior to CFC-12 in unit refrigerantion quality and COP, It's exxhaust temperature tatio is slightly high than CFC-12, and it's relative slip temperature is 2, have a little effect on component part and circulatory system after revealing.
Physical Characteristics

Index, Unit: HFC-134a
Chemical formula: CH2FCF3
Molecular weight, g/mol: 102.03
Melting point, º C: -
Boiling point, º C: -26.1
Specific gravity, (º C g/cm3: 1.207
Vapor pressure, (25º C) MPa: 0.665
Critical temperature, º C: 101.1
Critical pressure, MPa: 4.067
Critical density, g/cm3: 0.512
Vaporization heat at boiling point, KJ/kg: 215.0
Water solubility (25º C) , w%: 0.15
Specific heat (25º C liquid) , KJ/kg° K: 1.51
ODP: 0
GWP: 0.29

Index Best quality First-class
Purity % >= 99.9 99.5
Moisture % <= 0.001 0.005
Acidity (as HCl) % <= 0.0001 0.0001
Evaporation residue % <= 0.01 0.01
Chlorides (Cl-) test % <= 0.0003
Supply Capacity
Model Number