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It is a colorless gas under ordinary temperatures with slight fragrance, and a colorless & transparent liquid under the pressure of itself, easily soluble in oil but poorly in water. And it is mainly used in the refrigerating systems under high temperature conditions, thermostatic control switches, the intermediate of aerial propellant, and the important raw material for vinglidene fluoride. Use as refrigerant, intermediate, material.
Molecular weight: 100.5
BP, º C: -9.8
Ice point º C: -
Critical temperature, º C: 136.45
Critical pressure, Mpa: 4.15
Density of saturated liquid25º C, (g/cm3) : 1.096
Specific heat of liquid 25º C, [KJ/(Kgº C ) ]: -
Solubility(water, 25º C ) %: 0.14

ODP: 0
GWP: -
Critical density, g/cm3: -
Vaporization heat under BP, KJ/Kg: 200.1
Quality standard, Purity%>=: 99.8
Moisture, PPm<=: 0.0010
Acidity, PPm<=; 0.00001
Residue on evaporation, PPm<=: 0.01
Appearance: Colorless, no cloudy
Odor: No smell
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