Sell Refrigerant (R32)

Refrigerant (R32)
Characteristics & Purposes
It is a colorless gas under ordinary temperatures and a colorless & transparent liquid under the pressure of itself, used is refrigerants and the vital part to substitute HCFC-22.

Index Unit HFC-32
Chemical formula: CH2F2
Molecular weight, g/mol: 52.02
Melting point, º C: -136
Boiling point, º C: -51.7
Specific gravity (25º C liquid) , g/cm3: 0.958
Vapor pressure (25º C) , MPa: 1.689
Critical temperature, º C: 78.10
Critical pressure, MPa: 5.808
Critical density, g/cm3: 0.424
Water solubility º C) , w%: 0.44
ODP: 0
GWP: 650
Model Number