Sell Refrigerant (R404A)

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Characteristics&purposes: R404a is a colorless gas under ordinary temperatures, and a colorless&transparent liquid under the pressure of itself, mix by HFC-125, HFC-134a and HFC-143. And it's a long-term substitute for R502, mainly used in refrigerating systems of low & moderate temperature. . .
Property of chloride:
Molecular weight: 97.60
BP, º C: -46.4
Ice point º C: -
Critical temperature, º C: 72.1
Critical pressure, Mpa: 3.74
Density of saturated liquid30º C, (g/cm3) : 1.045
Specific heat of liquid 30º C, [KJ/(Kgº C) ]: 0.38
Specific heat of equipressure steam(Cp) , 30 º C and 101.3kPa[KJ/(Kgº C) ]: 0.21
ODP: 0
GWP: -
Critical density, g/cm3: -
Vaporization heat under BP, KJ/Kg: 200.1

Packing: recyclable steel cylinder 300kg/400L, 600kg/800L, 700kg/926L

Purity%>=: 99.5
Moisture, PPm<=: 0.001
Acidity, PPm<=: 0.0001
Residue on evaporation, PPm<=: 0.01
Appearance: Colorless, no cloudy
Odor: No smell
Model Number