Sell Refrigeration Heat Exchanger Accumulaters and liquid receivers

Refrigeration Heat Exchanger Accumulaters and liquid receivers You May Also Be Interested In: liquid receiver refrigeration heat exchanger steel filter water drop
1. Produced by copper tube, end cover and steel filter shell.
2. energy saving: use the cold and power wasted by water droping of the former low-pressure accumulator to return to the high-pressure accumulator to improve the cold degree and saved power.
3. higher refrigeration effect: because the heat exchange between the accumulator and liquid receiver, incresase the over-heating of the system, and increase the refrigeration effective.
4. avoid the liquid compression, ensure that no liquid returns into the compressor to cause liquid compression.
5. no condensation drops of water and no preservation material needed.
6. saving works saving installation material and saving space of installation in the equipment.
7. looks beautiful and diaphanous. No moldy and water drop because of condensation. No pollution to the environment.
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