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Chassis:Hafei Minyi HFJ1020A vehicle is manufactured by Haifei Company with many years of experience in mini-car manufacturing. The mature product is launched on the basis of continuous improvement with a strong after-sales service support system. The displacement of gasoline engine is only 1.1 liters and the maximum power is 35 kilowatts to meet European IVemission standard. And its power, fuel and environmental protection indicators are better than any of the same type of vehicles.
Appearance:The car design in the field of Refrigerator Car is unique. Integration body with streamline design and cartoon style fairing not only reduce the drag coefficient of Refrigerator Car, but also make the car fashionable. Users put up posters to get a good visual effect. Both volume and load of this car are better than other Mini-refrigerator cars. Car body inner length is 2.530 meters, 1.440 meters wide and 1.370 meters high. The volume is around 5 cubic meters, rated load is 500 kilograms that is 1.5 cubic meters larger than ordinary Refrigerator Car and can load additional 100 kilograms. The height of Refrigerator Car is 2.18 meters which can access to the underground garage and has goods distribution in the city.
Compartment:The compartment is made of high quality materials and German advanced craft. Inside and outside of the compartment use seamless glass plate which full of polyurethane and the United States SPI series of thermal insulation coating (more than 20% energy) on the surface. The top thermal insulation material can isolate thermal transmission inside and outside of compartment effectively and the heat preservation effect is excellent.
Refrigeration unit: Tiantan Small Refrigerator Car selects Carrier and Wang cold and other well-know refrigeration units and the refrigeration temperature can below -180. The refrigeration unit running is reliable, low power consumption, low noise and easy maintenance.
Other function: Tiantan Small Refrigerator Car is glittering user-friendly design inspiration. The compartment is equipped with mobile heat preservation curtain. It effectively cut off internal and external heat transfer at the same time form a different temperature range which is convenient for user to store and transport goods in different temperature requirements. The two small normal temperature storage rooms under compartment are used for storing daily necessities. The automatically leakage can clear stagnant water on the floor in time. Daily closed position can effectively prevent heat exchange . There are work lights inside the compartment and can avoid the inconvenience caused by dark light.
Personalized modification: As a professional automobile modified manufacturer, we can provide personalized modification according to customers need. Such as the installation of temperature recorder, temperature alarm GPS devices and other functional devices.
After-sales service:We provide comprehensive after-sales service, regular cooling units maintenance and inside cleansing and disinfection to ensure the goods transport meet the temperature requirement and there is no bacterial reproduction in internal compartment.