Sell Refrigerator wagon and carriage board

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Refrigerator wagon and carriage board:
Distinguishing features of our products:
1. Compound with reinforced fiberglass and vesicant resin, both side of the board are smooth and beautiful, the entire body has no defect such as juncture and corrugated waves. the surface is covered with ultraviolet ray and aging resistant resin so that insures good properties of season and chemical corrosion endurance, no rusty and long service life.
2. Sandwich layer adopts PU material which is good heat against at present, compound with metal structure so as to ensure the temperature preservation and solid structure of the carriage. meanwhile reserve energy enormously for its less weight and far more loading capability.
Distinctive Japanese edge coats material, sealing structure and some fittings as entire stainless steel lock and hinge, makes the appearance of this products much more beautiful and superior, highlights the image of company
According to clients requirements to produce all kinds of refrigerator wagons and carriages , and fix each type of cool engine alternative.