Sell Reinforced Expanded Graphite Sheet

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We can produce high quality kinds of graphite products, such as expanded graghite ring, expanded graphite twine tape, expanded graphite corrugated tape(Expanded Graphite Ribbon Packing) , expanded graphite yarn, expanded graphite tape and cloth, expanded graphite rolls, expanded graphite sheet, expanded graphite compound sheet, steel graphite gasket ect. . . We can ensure the competitive prices for you and the quality is very superior. if you need the products, do not hesitate to contact us. Pls tell us your specifications and quantity. Hope to have a good cooperation with you in near future.

Regarding to the Reinforced expanded graphite sheet, which is comprised of expanded graphite sheet and various steel sheets such as tanged, flat or mesh. It has character of thermally stability, high strength and no cold flow etc. . . It is and ideal material of all kinds of reinforced graghite gaskets, engine heat gaskets etc. . .