Sell Reinforced Graphite Sheet

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Reinforced Flexible Graphite Sheets is formed by mechanically pressed or perforated flexible graphite sheets with one or two layer(s) of metal foil. It possesses good compressibility and elastic rate, good sealing property for microscopic surface and long working life.
Main Types:
W104T Reinforced Graphite Sheet Tanged with SS304/SS316/Tin
W104T comprises two outer layers of graphite foil with a central
tanged reinforcement material. The layers are mechanically pressed
together in-house with a laminating technique
W104A Rinforced Graphite Sheet Adhesive Bond with SS304/SS316/Tin
W104A is a stronger graphite laminate material easy to cut onsite
with scissors or knife and available in one metre square sheets or
cut gaskets. The layers are bonded together in-house with a unique
high temperature adhesive bonding system.

Product Specification:
Thickness (mm ) Width(mm) Length(mm)
0.8-4.5mm 1000mm or 1500mm 1000mm or 1500mm
Custom sizes are also available as per special oder