Sell Reishi Shell Broken Spore powder and Spore oil

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We have been dedicated wholly to the reishi for a decade now. We have thorough knowledge and deep experience of reishi. We can offer high-quality reishi with a good price.
Reishi is also called Ganoderma Lucidum in Latin.
According to the researches from West and East, reishi is very good against cancer/tumor, diabetes and hypertension. The mostly studied useful substances in reishi are Polysaccharide and Terpene.
The most effective part of reishi is its seed---spore, dozens more effective than fruiting body. But because of hard shell, it is very difficult to absorb, its application has been limited very much in the past.
Now, our shell broken spore powder has made the reishi more accessible, it reduces its price while increases its effectiveness. Compared with reishi extract, its effective components are more complete.
Besides, we have made spore oil by Supercritical CO2 extraction technology.
Its effect is really quite remarkable and obvious during chemotherapy.
Please be assured of our quality, we are certified with ISO9001 and GMP.
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