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Rejuvenate, Miracle Feet breaks down Calluses in Just an instant! Simply file or buff away with complimentary disposable files. Email for demo video details. Now Available in Attractive Retail packaging

Formulated with 60% Pure Aloe Vera gel for exceptional rejuvenating and moisturizing properties, Miracle Feet Repair callused feet within minutes. Witness the "Miracle" almost instantly!

Miracle Feet contains ingredients to help soften rough, callused feet after eliminating them! It will leave feet feeling smooth and comfortable. Non greasy. Won't stain clothing or sheets.

Perfectly Safe!

Read What Satisfied Users Wrote:

"I've had serious callused foot problems for years, after using Miracle Feet. It got rid of the dead skin, helped the cracking, and totally changed the way my feet looked and felt. I've tried all the other products on the market, and NONE compare even remotely to the effectiveness of Miracle Feet! "

Made In Singapore.
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10 X 21.5 cm
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1000 (Trial)
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