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This product may take inspection on a variety of relays, the protection and safety automatic devices on-site, and simulate complex transient, permanent, conversion failures of the entire group to test. It can alsoreal-time save test data, show vectorgraph, drawing all kinds of characteristic curves, on-line print statements, etc. Six-phase current, six-phase voltage output, can be easily ttialled on device for automatic and differential protection settings and, so that the trial is perfect.

1. Current source
a. Alternative current source
- 3 current outputs x 0 . . 30A
- Max output power: 250VA / phase
- 3 current outputs can be connected in parallel to generate a single phase current from 0 to 90A
- Continuous output current: 10A / phase
- Duty circle for max. current output: < 10s
- Accuracy: 0.1%
- Harmonic: up to 21st
b. Direct current source
- Output: 0 to 10A DC
- Max output power: 150 W
- Accuracy: 0.2%
2. Voltage source
a. AC voltage output
- Number of output voltage: 05
- Output voltage: from 0 to 130V each (live  neutral)
- Line voltage output: 0 to 260V (live  live)
- Max output power: 70VA/phase
- Accuracy: < 10.1%
- Numbers of harmonic: up to 21st
b. DC voltage output:
- Output range: from 0 to 300V
- Max output power: 130W
- Accuracy:< 10.2%
- Auxilary DC voltage source: 220V/ 110V selectable, 110VA
3. Contact inputs
- Input for dry contact: 1 to 20mA, 24V DC
- Input for wet contacts: 0 to 250V DC
4. Output contact: 250V / 0.3A DC
5. Accuracy:
- Frequency error: 10.01Hz
- Phase error: 10.20
- Waveform distortion: 10.3% (first harmonic)
- Time error: 405s
6. Output frequency: 0 to 1050Hz
7. Timer: 0.1ms to 3600s
8. Power supply: 220V 1 10%, 50Hz 1 10%
9. Operating temperature: 0 to 400C
Storage temperature: -200C to 700C
10. Dimension: length W width W height = 360mm W195mm W375mm
11. Weight: Main unit 16.6kg