Sell Release Agent for Concrete

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XF-VIII Super mould release agent is dry powder, steady performance, widely use.
Execute standard

1 This product is powder mixture, water mould release agent, cold-water soluble.
2 Non-toxic, fireproof, no harmful substance for the body and environment friendly.
3 Not affect the strength of concrete and quality of the surface, the effect of demoulding is good enough to replace demoulding with waste engine oil, also ensure the smooth surface of concrete.
4 The strong glutinous power and film-forming effect hinder the pasting between concrete and template, also protect the template, prolong the life of template
5 No remains, don't affect the construction of plastering surface of concrete.
6 Easily use and store.

1 The template of steel, wood, floor and bamboo colliod.
2 Light plate (use on the wall) , Composite plate, precast parts, concrete grout.

1 Soluble in the water by the proportion of 1: 300. Add some water in the container, then add demoulding agent and the surplus water, lay it 4-8h(better effect if overnight) , agitate homogeneous then can use it.
The diluted liquid demoulding can brush 8-15 square meter/Kg, and it's better to use in two days.
2 Brush on the templates, use it after the agent dry (about 20min)

Storage and package
1 1kg/bag or package according to the requirement of celients.
2 Store at the dry and shady places and shelf life is two years.

1 Clean the templates, remove the oil points and concrete remain.
2 As to the rough template and cement floor template, please brush sevaral times or lower the diluted ratio in order to get the ideal affects.
3 As to the templates which had been brushed, please prevent raining and snow, or else, you must brush again.
4 Store at the clean and dry places. Solube into water then use if it gets block.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
10000 tons per month
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