Sell Release Filming Packaging Winged Woman Sanitary Napkin Machine

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1. It is the special equipment to produce ultra-thin sanitary napkin with delicate and beautiful small package.
2. Character of small package: Sanitary napkin is directly stuck on outer package film and folded into square type, which is sealed with adhesive tape. (Product is without release paper in the center. )
3. According to the demand, it can produce ultra-thin cotton-core or leakage barrier sanitary napkin.


1. Driving system consists of gearwheel box, universal shaft couplings and an arc-gear synchronous belt with high mechanical efficiency. So the mechanical consumption is small.
2. Turnover, wings folding and three folding of products are advanced in designing. Small package is trimmed in forming, vertically arranged and output in line.
3. The main press-cut rollers adopt universal shaft driving. It can give a gurantee on the knives' service life and the driving is fast.
4. The bearings, synchronous belts and electrical components are famous brand in China.

Main Technical Parameter

1. Designed production speed: 400PCS/min
2. Stable production speed: 250~300 PCS/min
3. Machine power: 60kw (380v, 50Hz) (exclude glue applicators. )
4. Overall size of equipment(L x W x H m) : 17.5x 2.0 x 2.3 (excluding crusher)
5. Weight of equipment: about 16t
6. Auto-control machine: 350~400pcs/min