Sell Remote Control Dog Training

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1. Confirm that batteries have been installed in the remote controller and the receiver.
2. Checking the remote controller: Press the buttons on the remote controller respectively. The indicator light will be on. If the indicator light doesnt work or gives dim light, change the batteries.
3. Checking the receiver: The vibration induction switch being installed, when the receiver is shaken, the power will be connected automatically and the receiver will be on standby. While the receiver keeps still for over 5 minutes, the power will be cut automatically for saving energy.
4. Connect the collar with the receiver. Adjust the length of the collar so as it fits the neck of the pet. The proper tightness should be that you can put a finger in.
5. Respectively press the high frequency/low frequency vibration buttons on the remote controller. The receiver will make high frequency/low frequency vibration.