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Functions and Operation Parameters of the Remote Control Lock
1. Functions
a. Though direct setting of mother remote controller or cancellation of sub-remote controller, doors can be opened and locked in the remote controlled way. Thus, the hierarchical management is realized.
b. It is equipped with emergency power supply and mechanical key to be used when power failure occurs
c. The remote controller has the function of auto-locking, which can prevent unwanted open.
d. A key of either distant or close door opening mode can be designed. The door will be automatically locked when it is closed.
2. Technical Parameters
a. a design of extremely low power consumption
4 pieces of No.5 batteries can be used for one year
b. Philip circuit chip, rolling code encryption technique, exclusive photosensor protector
c. It has a nature of high encryption, the code of which is automatically changeable to ensure that the code changes irregularly and that it is unique each time it is set.