Sell Remote Control doorbell

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working frequency :433MHZ/31MHZ
power emission :12V/DC
receiving :4.5DC/DC 3by 1.5V. SIZE:C, UM2, R14
distance :more than 30m (open position)
alarm sound:more than 65db
working temperature:-10-+40degree
sensor function:
1. all functions are set by remote controller.
2. accurate LED numeric display time-delay function:it can be accurate to sec, -999sec for your choice. operation simple and using convenient.
3. impulse mode is another new function, when one enters its sense range , it wil start load to turn on 0.5 sec, that give effect of alert signal. in this mode, the sense time interval is adjustable, default is 50sec.
4. set time button:used to set time. switch :conver normal mode and impulse mode.
5. sense led
6. sensitivity is adjustable
7. light control is adjustable