Sell Remote Management Software (RMS)

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VISIONTEK 11R, a Remote Management Software (RMS) is a comprehensive suite for provisioning and administration of Payphones and FCT products with tariff and other parameter changes. Hence, telecom operators can create more efficient distribution channels with periodical updation of parameters stored in the modules of their payphone community.

VISIONTEK 11R manages the process remotely by over-the-air service provisioning (OTASP) mechanism saving the costs, effort and time involved for regular updates. RMS downloads the executable code to Payphone (PCO) and FCT units via wireless/PSTN transmission media and can support updates to PCO's/Payphones on either SMS or CSD Data. VISIONTEK RMS is best suited for our GSM, CDMA, VoIP & PSTN payphone product range.


Timely updation of New Tariff

Remote monitoring of Payphone

Competitive advantage

Reduced logistics & man-hours in case of new tariffs

Minimized fraud & theft

Efficient Distribution Channels

Increased Customer Satisfaction


Tariffs table is with Location, Country & Service Provider
Database has Telephone numbers, Ram Codes, Toll free codes, Server number & Users
Powered with actions like Connect, Disconnect, Sending of Tariff tables, SMS, Ramcodes, Toll free codes and advertisements
A sub-section under actions has security features like Machine lock & unlock, PIN enable & disable
Various status Reports
User friendly Help menu