Sell Remote control for universal iPod

Remote control for universal iPod
The Remote Control is good looking and newly designed. Play the small, elegant and convenient remote control well, you will own the world of music.

* energy saving
* one connector, excellent compatibility
* simple keys, easy use
* "hold" key, lock function
* with shirt clip

* colour: white/black, or any other colour
* cord length: 60cm
* N. W. : 19g

Compatible with
* compatible with all iPod series

Use Means
1. "+" key - increase volume, "-" key - decrease volume.
Press "+"/ "-" step by step or continually to adjust the output volume.

2. ">>" - forward or skip forward. "<<" - back or skip backward.
Press ">>"/ "<<" to skip forward or backward, Lasting press to play forward or play back.

3. "> ||" play/pause/on/off.
Press this key to play or pause, lasting press to turn on/off.

4 "hold" - lock/unlock
Press it to lock/unlock all keys of the remote, in case of some unaware operation.