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Remote control mp3 moudle , with amplifier

* Voice is MP3 format.

* Remote control and easy to operation.

* Remote range up to 300 meters.

* Large capacity, high-performance and security for using SD card or SUB.

* Download online and update the content of voice by SUB.

* Can put 99 groups voice in it, and easy to update.

* The content in accordance with the form of file to layout and sub-store by name, therefore, easy to keep and modify.

* USB2.0 high-speed interface access, Greatly improved transmission speed.

* Sampling rate:8KHZ, 11.025KHZ, 12KHZ, 16KHz,22.05KHz,24KHz,32KHz,44.1KHz,48KHz.

* Support MP3 files:32kbps(include 32kbps~320kbps) , including VBR(variable bit rate) .

* Support WMA files:32kbps~384kbps.

* Widely used in industry.

* Operating voltage: DC/ AC 10~24V

* Audio channels: stereo

* Audio power: 10W X 2 (8(Ohms) )

* Signal-to-noise: 92dB (B )

* Frequency response: 40HZ~19KHZ

* Baud rate: 2400
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