Sell Removal Service

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A. moving household service

Free quotation to doorstep and consultancy provided, in addition, with references to Chinese Almanac and weather forecast, we would select a suitable date and the best time to have the removal order smoothly performed. In few days advance, we would provide customers with packing-materials for pack-up purpose before furnishing relocation. Besides, we also provide customers of wastage recycle collection service, instead, which serves our customers to more fulfill with our one-station relocation service.

B. moving office, factory, & warehouse

Our one-station service has been gear up for office, factory, warehouse, etc. Nowadays, the economy of HK is transforming, a lot of companies are going to plan moving to China. To meet these changes, Onza especially provides them with one-station moving services, which covers with free quotation and consultancy, weather forecast the predetermined date & time, freely supply packing materials, make sure not to interrupt the customers daily operation.

C. containers loading for overseas immigrants

In order to co-ordinate with requirements from different customers, OnZa will provide overseas immigrants with domestic one-stop-shop relocation service so as to help our clients avoid hastiness and reduce troubles. No matter in which part of the world, just given with address & household quantity, we will offer a complete package with favorable price.

D. China Customs Application and Transportation
With rapid economic growth in China, many HK people tend to relocate to China for working purposes and even settling down over there. Due to complex custom system for the relocation application, they don't know how to begin, OnZa will provide them a complete one-station moving service with a plethora of logistics know-how.

E. Packing Materials:

We provide all sizes of paper boxes, for your temporary leaving goods during the moving period.

Small box it is suitable for laying up small pieces & goods such as folders of detachable pages, books, film tapes, photo albums, and small furnishing or others.

Middle box besides books, to lay up in the box other things in the furniture, kitchen household utensils, clothes in summer and game machines etc.

Large box because of large box, to avoid exceeding weight, it is only suitable for laying up toys, heavy clothes in winter, towel, sheet & pillow, shoes & handbags etc.

Garment-on-Hanger (GOH) box: to lay up levelly inside box such Western-style clothes, pants & hangers.

Hanging clothes box to allow such clothes transfer from wardrobe to such box for transportation or storage, to avoid wrinkles & spoiling.