Sell Repellents

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Paloma sells a special line of repellents. These products are described in the following lines:

*"Citrovella": repellents candles made with Citronela.
It can be used inside or outside at your home, for example.
It doesn't produce smoke and it isn't toxic.
It's "non allergy".

*Citronela Table-Lamp: a repellent candle that can be used like a object decoration.

*Citronela Bucket: This product has a long time for use.

*"Citropic": citronela repellent, used in the skin.
It can be used by children and pregnants.
Citropic isn't toxic and doesn't produce allergy. The repellents are produced in three versions:lotion, spray and cream.

*Andy Candle: this candle is made with Andiroba
(Amazonian chestnut) .