Sell Resin bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheel

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Resin bonded diamond wheel being composed of organic bond whose main material is Phenolic resinoid having thermo setting plastic has below advantages ;
1. Higher grinding efficiency
2. Better surface roughness quality
3. Enough elasticity to prevent diamond from macro fracture as function of damping material.
4. Generally in use for fine grinding of tungsten-carbide alloy and finishing of grinding glass, ceramic and wafer.
5. Phenolic resinoid is being used generally so far, but Polyimidic resinoid could be used recently.
6. As Polyimidic resinoid have better heat & wear resistance than Phenolic resinoid, it is suitable for heavy grinding like creep feed or forming grinding.
7. CBN resinoid wheel is generally used for grinding special steel of high surface hardness and ferrous material.

* Characteristics of resin bond
- Cheaper price & most wide range of application.
- Various shape & size
- Useful for both dry and wet grinding
- Excellent grinding ability.